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T - Bone and Tracklements? Yes Please!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We've got T-Bones at an unbeatable price this week - £9.99 for one 20 oz steak, £12.99 for two or £20 for four! Treat yourself, your husband, your brother, uncle, his wife, their next door neighbours and the dog! Why not?

T-Bones are always an impressive steak to place on the table. They get their name from the t-shaped bone which joins the fillet and the sirloin together. Usually, even a very skilled butcher can only get two decent sized T-Bones from the cow and so these bad boys demand a pretty penny. However, The Meating Joint has managed to get some for you at a brilliant price. We sold 80 of them in the first day!

Did you know...?

The Italian Fiorentina style steak is a T-Bone. It's usually flame grilled, served rare and sliced into 'tagliata'. They drizzle it with olive oil and rosemary.

Special offers are available in store at The Meating Joint Butchers Shop in Studley and online for next day meat delivery.

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