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Our Story

I just needed to give Mom a little push and .......

Let me tell you the story of how we got here; The Meating Joint Online. It's been a long journey but one I am very pleased we made! My name is Laura and I've pushed Mom to get onto the world wide web. You see, she has this lovely little shop in a lovely little village called Studley in the heart of England. Everything was going well until Covid-19 grasped the planet Earth in its grip.


The shop began as a shed with just a butcher and Mom. In her first week, she made about £43 and she and the butchers worked incredibly hard to build it up into the successful store it is today. It's been extended and refit twice to meet the growing demand and the team of staff has extended. We no longer just stock meat, we also sell fruit and vegetables, dairy products, eggs, packet mixes, spices, sauces and condiments. We sell goodies and snacks like homemade cakes, pork scratchings and delicious pork pies. We're not in a shed any more!


We're a family - with five kids, two grandchildren and four granddogs - so we know the importance of ensuring the meat is high quality but making sure it is affordable for the families like us that we serve. The roasting joints are succulent, the BBQ pieces are flavoursome and the bangers are, well, banging. Our master butchers, who have almost 70 years experience between them, source meat from all over the world to make sure we can keep our simple business promise: high quality meat at competitive prices. Their standards are incredibly high, they're highly skilled and super fast - they have to be to keep you guys in BBQ packs on a hot bank holiday in August. 


The shop has wonderful customers, most of whom Mom knows by name. She was a school cook before opening the shop and so is full of hints and tips about cooking times and recipes - way better than Siri or Alexa. She's seen children grow up, weddings and many Christmases and she's proud of the personal touch she brings to customer service. 


Once the virus hit and most of those lovely customers joined the war against the silent killer by staying at home, she was forced to diversify. She was thrust into the demand of the supermarket leagues and was called upon to put on deliveries. She's never been scared of change and, with a little help from me, she was able to change her business to make sure she could still serve the local community and further afield. We can bring the meat to you and we can still keep our promise. 


Our next step is to share our lovely meat with a national audience. We want to bring high quality meat at affordable prices to every dining table, lap tray and BBQ in the U.K. That was how this website was born. 


You can keep up with our developments on Facebook, Instagram and by signing up to our Newsletter. I'll be updating you about our growth and of course, special offers. 


Lots of love,

from our family to yours,



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