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The Great British BBQ

The British summer evades us again! The sun made an appearance when we were all locked down in our houses and for approximately twelve minutes on two days in July. But, rubbish weather doesn’t stop us grilling, especially with The Meating Joint’s excellent value BBQ packs!

Are you a dedicated barbecue enthusiast with meat thermometers, a smoker and twice-smoked-Apple-and-maple wood chips? Or

do you whack on the burgers and bangers, turn up the flames, blast them til they’re black beyond recognition and hope for the best?

Regardless of the style of BBQ King or Queen that that you are for us, barbecues need marinated thick chunks of chicken, lamb and pork. With our BBQ packs, you can cater to the cavemen - delicious meaty chicken drumsticks and minted lamb chump chops on the bone - and the fussiest of kids. Our burgers are made fresh in store using only the best cuts of beef or lamb and are a hit with everyone. Best pork sausages are perfect for banging hot dogs.

Another hit we’re proud of is our range of boneless ‘build your own’ kebabs. We cut our skinless, boneless chicken breasts (no added water) into bite sized chunks and marinate them in a range of flavours. We give you the skewers so you can get the kids involved in the prep and you can add your favourite veg if you fancy it too.

If you want to impress your friends or are having a celebration BBQ, add one of our famous Tomahawk steaks. From £11.99 for our smallest one to £33.99 for our steak that tips the scale at over 2kg, we’ve got a steak for every budget!

We linked up with BBQ expert Hilary @bbqlads and asked him what his top tips for a novice are. He said getting a BBQ with a lid is an absolute essential! Don’t rush and relax.

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