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Chicken! It's a Poultry Affair.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The easiest, most popular meat - the humble chicken.

Our whole chickens come from U.K. farms and we butcher them in our Butchers Shop in Studley into all the convenient pieces that you like. You can roast our whole chickens for an easy win Sunday lunch, or BBQ them on a pineapple or beer can for a tasty summer salad. Or, if you don't need a whole one, pick up drumsticks, chicken thighs, wings, quarters, halves, crowns and chicken supreme breast portions in store. We have a range of eight different flavours to choose from so you can just put it in the oven or on the BBQ and go!

Did you know...?
Around 60.9million people in the UK eat chicken.

Chicken is a wonderful meat because it is so diverse. We love the No Hurry Chicken Curry packet mix by Gordon Rhodes that we have in store and we love a whole chicken and noodle soup when we're feeling rubbish. It is a lean, tasty protein for gym bunnies and those watching their waistline as well as being useful for muscle growth and repair. Eating chicken is linked to helping brain function and it is easy to eat!

How do you eat yours?

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