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Barbecue Time! Head Chef Dad at the ready!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

It seems that becoming a Dad means you officially also inherit the title of BBQ Head Chef. Here, the Meating Joint explores why.

Last summer there was a hilarious (if a bit sexist) joke doing the rounds on Facebook defining the roles of the man and the woman at a family BBQ. The author of the post, Jason, joked that the women do all the prep, the man burns the sausages a bit and then she cleans up. At the end of the day, he asks her 'Have you enjoyed your day off?' Although the gender roles within the home have evolved a bit since the 1950s, it seems the tradition of meat + fire has withstood the test of time for millenia.

There is no denying that as soon as BBQ season rolls around, Dads, Grandads, Uncles and other members of the male species come into their own. Is it something to do with the fire? Or is the feeling of of being able to chug a cold beer similar while standing in front of the grill similar to sipping a glass of red while making a roast? Regardless of why, every Brit has happy memories of their families coming together to grill bangers and burgers on a sunny (or more likely, rainy day).

Dads and their boys bond over the BBQ grill - more than over the football pitch or golf course. When Dad is dressed in a questionably inappropriate apron and is armed with a spatula, he is King of all things fire. Food is the universal line of communication and if you couple that with some smoke and fire starting fluid, kids are hanging onto the every word of their Dads. This is Dad's opportunity to pass down wisdom from the cave men times as well as impressing the family with giant flames.

The barbecue is an opportunity for relaxation and fun. It is a no pressure event where mistakes are expected - even celebrated! If a burger is burnt, it adds character. If a chicken is still pink in the middle, its a challenge to see how tough your stomach is. If a rogue sausage falls through the coals, the dust adds extra flavour. What a brilliant way to teach the kids resilience.

Did you know?

The British and Germans are Europe's BBQ champions. Last summer, each country held about 137 million barbecues!

We reckon probably half of those ordered our BBQ packs from our Butchers Shop in Studley the way we felt at the end of August Bank Holiday weekend. PHEWWWWWWWW

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